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Solal30ml Hydration Serum


Retail: R450
Excludes shipping
ETA: 3-5 working days
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A product dedicated to improve skin hydration, moisturisation and alleviate sensitivity. Ideal for any dehydration or dryness in all skin types and ages, skins sensitised from pollution, dull and lifeless looking skin, barrier disturbance.

Product Features
  • Provides long-lasting moisture to the skin

  • Helps to firm and plump the skin
  • Builds and repairs the skin barrier
Product Specifications
  • 30ml
  • Ingredients:
    • Carrageenan

      • Hyaluronic Acid like ingredient captures water on skin surface which improves overall hydration • 3x more efficient than Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate skin
      • Reduces TEWL (moisture loss from the skin)
      • Improves skin barrier which is essential to retain moisture Cross linked Hyaluronic Acid
      • 5x more moisturising in stratum corneum than Hyaluronic Acid after 24 hours
      • Gel structure on surface that holds water to deliver over time Heptapeptide-34
      • Messenger molecules that increase hydration and luminosity
      • Circumvents negative effects of pollution and UV
      • Reduces appearance of age induced erythema
      • Restores youthful vitality
    • Biosaccharide gum
      • Soft touch sensorial aspects
      • Soothing, moisturising
      • Skin comfort and softness booster
      • Relieves sensitive skin
      • Pro-longed moisturising effect that compliments Hyaluronic Acid
    • Jojoba oil
      • Pure high quality, non-greasy oil with omega 9 fatty acids/esters that is identical to human sebum
      • Lipids for intercellular areas to repair the skin barrier
      • Intense moisturisation
      • Seals in moisture
      • Restores skin barrier
  • Usage:
    • Step 1: Apply Hydration Serum in the morning and evening over the face and neck area.

    • Step 2: Allow skin to absorb Hydration Serum before applying a layer of moisturiser.
  • Storage:
    • Store at or below 25°C. Keep out of reach of children.
  • Warning:
    • Avoid applying Hydration Serum close to the eye area.
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